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Automotive Chemicals

SC Fuels has the chemicals and solvents you need when you need to optimize equipment performance and keep your operations clean. From fuel additives that boost performance to solvents and degreasers that keep your machinery looking and working its best, you can count on quality and affordability, all from one source.

Essential Chemicals for Your Fleet

As a fleet manager, your vehicles are critical to your success. The chemicals and fluids you use to maintain them significantly affect your fleet’s longevity. At SC Fuels, we supply automotive chemicals, fluids, and additional products you need to keep your vehicles on the road. Schedule a pickup or delivery to obtain lubricants, solvents, cleaners, additives, and other products that maximize vehicle efficiency and reduce downtime.


We carry various chemicals that will ensure your fleet operates efficiently:

  • Anti-freeze: Our commercial anti-freeze products, including ethylene glycol antifreeze, enable consistent engine function in cold temperatures while serving as heat protection in the summer.
  • Industrial chemicals: We stock reactants, lubricants, flame retardants, and other industrial chemicals for most applications.
  • Passenger car fluids: Choose SC Fuels for engine oil, steering fluid, brake fluid, transmission fluid, and other products that keep passenger vehicles on the road.
  • Solvents: Our solvent inventory has options for dissolving substances, cleaning vehicle components, producing other chemicals, and more.
  • Metalworking products: Order the fluids you need to lubricate and clean industrial machinery.

Miscellaneous Chemicals / Products

We carry additional chemicals and other products to satisfy various needs:

  • Degreasers and cleanersWe deliver cleaners to remove grease and corrosive substances from your fleet vehicles.
  • Filters: Keep your fleet running with filters that promote the flow of clean air.
  • Windshield washWe offer numerous types of windshield wash for standard use and specialized applications like bug or ice removal.
  • Fuel additives and treatments: Increase vehicle performance with fuel additives to stabilize or boost engines.

Why Choose SC Fuels for Automotive Chemicals?

SC Fuels is here to be your single source for the products that your fleet needs, including automotive chemicals and related products. We have spent nearly 100 years distributing throughout the United States, giving us the expertise to help you find the right chemicals for your business on your schedule. Over 11,000 customers choose SC Fuels each year to benefit from:

  • Stellar customer service: Our representatives will help you understand how each chemical works and why it is necessary for your vehicles. They’ll walk you through our inventory to pick the right products for your fleet.
  • Products from top brands: We partner with the brands you recognize. We back our sales with the reliability and performance that make these manufacturers great.
  • Industry experience: From nearly a century of experience, we know what your company needs and how to deliver your products efficiently.
  • Competitive prices: We match our customer service expertise with the market’s best prices for dependable, name-brand products. Get the quality chemicals you need at costs that fit your budget.

Make SC Fuels Your National Distributor for Vehicle Maintenance Chemicals

SC Fuels is an automotive chemical supplier you can trust. We have various locations in California and can dispatch our vehicles to deliver to you in areas throughout the United States. We invite you to contact us online to discuss our products and develop a solution that best suits your business.

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