Commercial Cardlock Providers

With a large number of drivers in your fleet, it can be challenging to ensure that all team members are using funds appropriately and productively. However, you can do just that with commercial truck fuel cards for businesses nationwide.

You can reap all the benefits of nationwide commercial cardlock fueling at SC Fuels. With our cardlock fuel cards, you’ll be sure to enjoy significant cost savings and improved fleet efficiency.

What Are Cardlock Fuel Cards?

Cardlock fuel cards allow commercial vehicle drivers to visit exclusive fueling sites that only cardholders can access. These cards enable businesses to monitor fuel purchases, prevent fraud, and implement individualized spending controls.

Typically, cardlock companies provide each truck driver with a unique PIN they can use at their designated fueling locations, similar to a credit card.

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How Your Commercial Fleet Can Benefit From Cardlock Fueling

Increased Efficiency

Because cardlock fueling stations are restricted to noncommercial vehicles, your drivers won’t have to wait in lengthy lines at the gas pump or weave around other cars in the lot. These locations are also positioned off major highways, giving drivers a convenient place to fuel.

Better Security

Fleet cards are proven to be a safer payment method than cash, reducing the risk of fraud. They also allow fleet managers to keep tabs on all purchases to monitor and detect any suspicious activity. Learn more about fuel pump safety.

Higher Quality Fuel

Our cardlock fuel cards enable users to access high-quality fuel from the best locations. We also offer a range of fuel types for you to choose from.

Predictable Pricing

We provide steady fuel rates that allow you to stay in the know when it comes to pricing, unlike standard gas stations where costs can vary drastically each day.

Fleet Control

Our cards allow fleet managers to see how much their drivers spend, where, and on what. You can use this information to make adjustments that allow for better savings.

Cardless Swipe

Our new cardless swipe technology allows drivers to refuel using a mobile app. Cardless Swipe also includes the following benefits:

  • Safer – No chance of your card being lost or stolen
  • Cleaner & Easier – Easy to use, activate the pump from the comfort of your vehicle
  • Efficient – Improve preventive maintenance scheduling 

How to Use Your Cardlock Fuel Cards With SC Fuels

At SC Fuels, we offer four commercial cardlock fuel cards that you can choose from based on your company’s needs. Each of these cards comes with a driver ID number and fixed or floating odometer prompts. Our card offerings include the following:

CFN- Gas Card - Fleet Card - Fuel Card


This card grants drivers access to the CFN network, which includes over 55,000 fueling locations. It compiles comprehensive reports and e-receipts and allows managers to create many situational card restrictions. 

voyager Fleet Card - Gas Card - Fleet Card


The Universal card offers optimal control and convenience with acceptance at over 230,000 fuel and maintenance sites. It comes equipped with a merchant locator to find the best fuel prices in your area and has many custom reporting features and spend limit capabilities.

Pac Pride - Gas Card - Fuel Card - Fleet Card


Our Pride Advantage card permits Pacific Pride Cardlock and extended network access. It enables you to limit drivers’ purchase types, the number of gallons they buy, and the times and days they can make transactions.

sc fuels fleet cards -Gas Card - Fuel Card


This cardlock fuel card grants site-specific access and lets drivers control fuel types. Managers can set dollar, gallon, product, day, and time restrictions and access e-receipts.

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If you’re looking for cardlock fuel cards that help you gain control, savings, and efficiency within your fleet, SC Fuels has your back. We’ve delivered the best quality products and prices for over 90 years.

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Contact us today so we can tailor a fuel card program designed specifically for you!

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