SC Fuels is proud to offer a variety of petroleum services to keep your business running. We bring quality fuel, exceptional service, and industry-leading expertise right to you. Regardless of your fueling needs or location, we will design a custom solution that works best for you with our fuel services.

Mobile On-Site Fueling

Productivity stays high when you can fuel up on the job. Our mobile fueling service provides on-site equipment fills during non-operational hours, saving labor costs, and improving operational visibility. We will dispatch a fuel vehicle to your location, refill your fleet, and provide an itemized expense report for accounting accuracy and efficiency. Fuel tanks are also available to rent for your job site. Available fuel types include diesel and alternatives such as biodiesel and renewable diesel.

Fleet Card Programs

Our fuel cards offer our customers convenience, control, and accountability. A fleet card will empower your drivers to refuel fast while you maintain control over expenses. You will see how much fuel your drivers purchase, where they refill, how often they refuel, and how much your fuel costs. We have four distinct fleet card options that make accurately budgeting fuel expenses easier than ever. Our fuel cards work anywhere within our network of 320,000 cardlock sites. Gain control of your fueling costs today with transparent tracking of your fleet’s fuel costs at over 320,000 locations.

Unbranded Wholesale

Unbranded fuel is available at some of the most competitive prices. With SC Fuels, you can expand your savings by purchasing unbranded fuel wholesale. When you partner with SC Fuels for unbranded bulk fuel deliveries, you will receive attentive, personal service from our team 24 hours a day. We provide real-time market updates, daily pricing, and same-day delivery so you can take advantage of low fuel rates. Each driver follows strict safety protocols to protect your investment as they deliver your fuel on time every time.

Branded Wholesale

Branded fuel bolsters your fueling station with recognizable names that pull more customers. We proudly offer fuel services to a wide variety of privately owned gas stations throughout California. We will transform your station into a powerful branded location under a contract that accommodates your precise needs. Our fuel brands include Shell, Marathon, Valero, 76, and Sinclair, giving you the flexibility to choose the right brand for your unique location. Choose SC Fuels as your single source for reputable fuel delivery and branding services.

Lubricant and Chemical Delivery

Minimizing downtime saves money, so choose lubricants, chemicals, and solvents that keep your fleet up and running. We offer lubricants, fuel additives, solvents, and degreasers that ensure your machines perform at their best. You can trust that our products are safe, reliable options for your fleet. SC Fuels’ knowledgeable staff is ready to offer expert and professional advice on which product is best for your equipment or business. Learn more about our lubricant and chemical delivery services.

Why SC Fuels?

SC Fuels has a legacy of driving businesses forward. As one of the nation’s oldest family-owned fuel distributors, we have established a reputation for reliable deliveries and customer-centric services.

You can count on us for consistent on-time fuel deliveries, whether we are dispatching to your garage or a remote job site. Plus, our dedicated customer service team will ensure you order the best fuel, lubricants, chemicals, and fleet cards for your business.

Our success depends on your prosperity, so we will always show complete commitment to your mission. Experience and reputation make all the difference, so choose SC Fuels for your fleet or fueling station.

Get In Touch with SC Fuels

Ready to partner with a fuel delivery company with the products and resources to boost your fleet’s performance and help you maintain productivity? SC Fuels is a premier fueling company operating in areas throughout the United States. We encourage you to contact us online to get started with our services.