Wholesale Gasoline in California and Beyond

Convenience stores, gas stations, truckstops, government agencies, and businesses that operate large commercial fleets are just a few of our customers that rely on gasoline to drive their business. Purchasing unbranded fuel is less expensive because it does not come with a Refiner’s Brand, provides a cost-effective purchasing option.

As one of the oldest and largest family-owned and operated bulk fuel suppliers in the United States, SC Fuels is a leading choice among all unbranded gasoline purchasers. Our customers count on us for competitive prices, safe, accurate, on-time delivery, market updates, and attentive service that maximizes the customer experience.

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We Offer Gasoline Fuel Delivery

SC Fuels started in 1930 as a small family business in Tustin, CA, in Orange County’s heart. Over the years, the company has grown to become a top bulk fuel distributor. We’ve established a reputation as a leading wholesale petroleum provider in the Western United States.

At SC Fuels, we understand the importance of getting your fuel deliveries on time. We bring innovative solutions to the market that offer higher value to all our customers. Our goal is to provide you with the most superior customer service in the industry by delivering the products you require exactly when you need them.

Regardless of your operational needs, our staff can work with you to develop fueling strategies that match your industry’s standards and work environment.

States we serve to include:

  • Arizona
  • California
  • Arizona
  • Texas
  • Oklahoma
  • Oregon
  • Washington
  • Arkansas
  • Nebraska
  • Nevada
  • Colorado
  • New Mexico

Types of Wholesale Gasoline and Fuel

Gasoline is broken down into three grades — regular, midgrade, and premium. Fuels are usually either unbranded or branded and the two differ by the additive packages they contain.

SC Fuels can cover all your fuel needs, from unbranded gasoline and diesel fuel to additives and lubricants. We supply all types of fuel throughout the country, serving fleets, gas stations, truck stops, and the public sector.

Examples of fuel types we offer include:

Gasoline Grades

Gasoline grades typically refer to the octane rating. The octane rating’s primary function is to measure fuel stability — the higher the rating, the more stable the fuel. Octane rating indicates the pressure that fuel will spontaneously autoignite in a testing engine.

Gas stations in the United States sell three primary grades of gasoline indicated by the octane level:

  • Regular: This has an 87 octane rating, averaging 85 to 88. This grade is generally the lowest-priced gasoline, as most passenger vehicles contain engines suited for this fuel. It’s also the lowest-rated unleaded gasoline on the market.
  • Midgrade: This grade has an 89 or 90 rating. This fuel can generally withstand higher engine pressure and heat than regular gas. To achieve this rating, some refineries often blend leftover supplies of regular and premium grades.
  • Premium: Automakers often recommend premium gas for certain high-performance vehicles with increased compression rates. This grade falls between 91 and 94, with an average rating of 93. Premium is the most expensive fuel grade on the market.

Companies sometimes use different terms for these grades, like unleaded, super, or super-premium, but they usually relate to the octane rating. Recommended octane ratings vary by vehicle. Some automobiles need higher grade fuels because they have supercharged or turbocharged engines with higher compression levels.

We recommend using the minimum octane rating indicated in a vehicle’s operation manual. Anything lower can produce knocking and prevent the vehicle from achieving its optimal fuel economy. Over time, operating a vehicle with a grade lower than the recommended octane can damage the engine and emissions control system.

If the manufacturer does not recommend premium fuel, it will not benefit the engine. Automotive engineers prescribe premium gas because specific engines operate optimally with higher-octane fuel. If the owner’s manual does not specify premium gas, the vehicle does not require it.

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Why Buy Wholesale Gasoline From SC Fuels?

Businesses and organizations choose SC Fuels as their gasoline distribution company for several reasons:

We’ve been in the wholesale distribution fuel business for more than 90 years — we know a thing or two about gasoline fuel delivery!

We recognize that fuel represents a significant expense for many businesses. Our affordable pricing structure helps keep your gasoline costs under control.

Our goal is to make fuel deliveries that meet our customers’ timelines, even if it’s on the same day you order. Our around-the-clock dispatching capabilities allow us to meet the tightest schedules.

Our many decades in the fuel delivery business give us unique insight and experience compared to other diesel fuel suppliers. Our unrivaled expertise enables us to overcome challenges and provide exceptional service.

As a full-service petroleum distribution company, we can handle all your wholesale fuel delivery needs. Avoid the confusion and uncertainty of working with multiple suppliers.

We support our proprietary fleet with an extensive network of common carriers to ensure prompt, reliable dispatching service, including same-day delivery when needed.

We help you monitor your fuel needs by managing your usage and making deliveries based on market conditions. We allow you to maximize your savings and not worry about high inventory carrying costs or depleted supplies.

We make safety a top priority at SC Fuels. Our fleet and the carriers we partner with have received top ratings from the Federal Motor Carrier Association and the Department of Transportation. Our gasoline fuel delivery service gives you peace of mind.

We make it easy to do business with SC Fuels. Our contracts offer maximum flexibility to adapt to your operational requirements, and our efficient contract approval saves time and eliminates hassles.

A key reason SC Fuels has been in business for so long is our willingness to go the extra mile for every customer. We’re available 24 hours a day to answer questions, resolve issues, and address concerns.

Are you looking to finance your fuel purchases? We make the process quick and easy. Get started by filling out and submitting our downloadable credit documents. Our fast approval for qualified applicants means you won’t have to wait long to receive fuel deliveries.

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