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The Benefits of Our Fleet Gas Cards

Our fuel card services give you the tools to create a comprehensive plan for your vehicles and save on fuel purchases and costs while tracking your expenses. When you receive a fleet card program from us, you’ll experience long-term benefits that will make managing your fleet more efficient and effective. Learn more about the benefits of our fleet fuel cards below:



Enjoy 24/7/365 access to over 230,000 locations nationwide with our fuel card services. Regardless of vehicle size or class, we have the right mix of fuel credit cards for your fleet. Our fleet card network and managing tools make it easy for you to track, plan, and adjust all aspects of your fueling.

Cardless Swipe

Our new cardless swipe technology allows drivers to refuel using a mobile app. Cardless Swipe also includes the following benefits:

  • Safer – No chance of your card being lost or stolen through the use of mobile payments.
  • Cleaner & Easier – Easy to use, activate the pump from the comfort of your vehicle

  • Efficient – Improve preventive maintenance scheduling

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SC Fuels fleet credit card programs give you the power to set profiles for your individual drivers, departments or your entire fleet. Setting up fueling times, gallon limits and product type allows you to control your overall fuel consumption.

  • Personalized profiles for your individual drivers, departments or your entire fleet
  • Per day transaction limits
  • Gallon limits per transactions
  • Time of day and day of week fueling controls
  • Product control at all cardlock locations
  • Exception reporting by card and/or account
  • Floating driver ID for one card convenience
  • Ability to create your own custom driver ID
  • E-receipt for added security, tracking and email verification of fuel purchases



Our reporting provides transaction detail into when, where and who fueled your fleet. You’ll have the information you need for full visibility into fueling expenses for easy tracking.

Contact us today so we can tailor a fuel card program designed specifically for you!

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SC Fuels + Fleet Card Services = Savings For You

When you get fleet management cardlock services from SC Fuels, you gain full control of your fueling costs.

Have you encountered repeated issues with inconsistent or unnecessarily high fueling costs? In the past, your drivers may have refueled at unpredictable times or had to pay fluctuating gas prices depending on where and when they stopped.

By providing planning and management control over your fuel costs, our fuel cards for truckers make the entire process more convenient and reliable. Make budget management easier and save with transparent vehicle tracking for your entire fleet’s fuel costs.

Our fleet card services include several options so you can find what works best for your needs.

Our Fleet Cards

CFN- Gas Card - Fleet Card - Fuel Card


  • Driver ID (PIN) and odometer prompt – fixed or floating
  • 3rd prompt (i.e. vehicle #, job #, etc.)
  • Access to the CFN network and 55,000 other fueling locations
  • Dollars, transactions, products, day and time card restrictions
  • Extended access lock out by zip code or state
  • Comprehensive exceptions reports and e-receipts
voyager Fleet Card - Gas Card - Fleet Card


  • Driver ID (PIN) and odometer prompt – fixed or floating
  • Offers the ultimate control and convenience
  • Universal acceptance at over 230,000 fuel and maintenance locations
  • Purchase limits by transactions per day, week, month, time of day, day of week, total spend or other criteria
  • Merchant locator to find the best fuel prices in your area and plan a route
  • Custom reporting including exception monitoring, card usage, fuel type, odometer
Pac Pride - Gas Card - Fuel Card - Fleet Card


  • Driver ID (PIN) and odometer prompt – fixed or floating
  • 3rd prompt (i.e. vehicle #, job #, etc.)
  • Pacific Pride Cardlock access only or Cardlock and extended network access
  • Gallons, transactions, days and times of use restrictions
  • Fuel only or fuel and services option
  • Fuel tracking by vehicle, driver, department or combination
sc fuels fleet cards -Gas Card - Fuel Card


  • Driver ID (PIN) and odometer prompt – fixed or floating
  • 3rd prompt (i.e. vehicle #, job #, etc.)
  • Site specific access
  • Dollars, gallons, transactions, products, day and time card restrictions
  • Control fuel type
  • E-receipts

Our Fleet Card Management Process

When you use our commercial fleet cards, we’ll provide everything you need to create a cost-efficient, productive fleet management plan. From our thousands of fuel locations to our variety of card options, we’ll help you find the most effective solution for your small business or company.

After we create your customized plan, we’ll make fleet fueling easy for you and your drivers. We select locations that have user-friendly designs to accommodate your vehicles’ sizes and fueling requirements.

Whenever your drivers stop to refuel, you can feel confident knowing they’ll get the highest quality fuel from SC Fuels at the most convenient locations. Our fuel credit card services and plans will ensure drivers have convenience, control, and accountable refueling sites wherever they’re headed. Every time they make a transaction, you can access reports for greater security.

Choose The Trusted Fleet Card Providers

We’re a third-generation, family-owned business that has provided honest, quality fuel card services to our customers since 1930. Whatever fleet fuel card you need, let us deliver reliable services to help you manage your fleet productively while saving on fuel with our competitive pricing and discounts on fuel.

Contact us online or call us at (888) SCFUELS ext. 6001 today so we can tailor a fleet card program designed specifically for you!

Contact us today so we can tailor a fuel card program designed specifically for you!

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