Construction Site Fueling Solutions

If you work with heavy machinery and construction equipment, you know how much time and money you spend on refueling. Keeping your equipment full of fuel is a constant battle that can take up a big chunk of your productivity and slow down your projects.

Streamline your refueling process with on-site construction fuel delivery services from SC Fuels.

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Let us design a solution that puts you on the road to higher productivity and profitability.

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Who Do We Serve? 

SC Fuels offers construction fuel delivery services to customers throughout the western U.S. Whether you have 10 vehicles or 100, we can provide the fuel you need to get the job done. We provide on-site fueling to construction sites and businesses of all types, including (but not limited to):

  • Heavy construction.
  • Residential contractors.
  • Landscaping businesses.
  • Road construction.
  • Mining and resource companies.

We are the only source you need for fueling your fleet, with a range of fuels ideal for serving clients with a mix of heavy and compact equipment, on-highway trucks, power generation equipment, and anything else that runs on petroleum-based fuel.

Construction Fueling Services We Offer

No matter how big or small your project is, SC Fuels has the petroleum products and delivery services you need to make fueling your equipment simple. All of our services are available 24/7, so we can fuel during off-hours to avoid interrupting your team.

For emergencies when you need fuel fast, we can work with you to deliver same-day on any of our services.

Construction site fueling

Fueling Directly to Equipment

Like most construction companies, you probably work on jobs all over the area. When you need fuel, you have to spend time figuring out where the nearest stations are and which one offers the best price. Then, you have to determine the logistics of getting the fuel into your equipment.

With construction fueling services from SC Fuels, you won’t have to waste time, money, and your workforce refueling logistics. We bring the fuel to you wherever you are for convenient and efficient on-site fueling. Plus, we offer competitive pricing with transparent access to current fuel prices, so you never have to shop around. 

Bulk Fuel Delivery for On-Site Tanks

SC Fuels offers bulk delivery of unbranded fuels directly to your on-site fuel storage tanks. Our safe and accurate deliveries guarantee you get the amount of fuel you need when you need it.

Every business has different fueling needs, so we work hard to develop an individualized bulk fuel delivery plan that works for you. Let us know how much fuel you go through on average, and we can set up a scheduled delivery contract to ensure you never run out.

We also offer remote tank level monitoring to keep an eye on your fuel level if you need a refill sooner than anticipated.

Fuel Tank Rentals

When you take on a large or involved project, you may need more fuel than usual. You can plan ahead and order the fuel in bulk, but you’ll need somewhere to store it on-site. SC Fuels can help you with both fuel and storage.

We offer long, and short-term above-ground diesel storage tanks delivered directly to your job-site to store your fuel. Depending on your requirements, we can provide tanks that store anywhere from 500 gallons to 5,000 gallons of fuel on your construction site. Our fuel storage tanks are U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) compliant and easy to hook up to your machines for fast refueling.

Fuels We Deliver to Construction Sites

You likely have a fleet of different construction vehicles that you use on a given job site, so you may require more than one type of fuel. To meet your needs, SC Fuels offers a wide array of petroleum products available for construction site fuel delivery, including:

Choose SC Fuels as Your Construction Fueling Company

SC Fuels is your trusted partner in construction fuel delivery. Since we opened our doors in 1930, we have provided customers with high-quality petroleum products and unparalleled customer care. We keep our customers in mind with everything we do because our primary goal is to simplify refueling and help your business thrive.

If you’re ready to streamline your refueling process, get in touch. We’ll listen to your needs and develop an individualized fuel delivery plan that makes sense for your business and budget. Reach out online or give us a call at (888) SCFUELS ext. 6069 to speak with a representative.

Contact us at or give us a call (888) SCFUELS ext. 6069

Let us design a solution that puts you on the road to higher productivity and profitability.

contact us - SC Fuels