A company's innovation, strength and integrity always stems from the top. Fortunately, SC Fuels has some of the most knowledgeable and experienced leaders in the fuel industry and each is personally committed to helping your business achieve success.


Chairman of the Board

Frank P. Greinke was born in Los Angeles and moved to Orange …

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Chief Executive Officer

Steven P. Greinke is the Chief Executive Officer of Southern …

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General Counsel

Robert W. Bollar oversees all transactions, litigation, regulatory …

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Vice President, Human Resources

Barb is responsible for the company’s corporate communications, …

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Chief Information Officer

Grant Leathers is the Chief Information Officer and…

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Chief Financial Officer

Ed is our Chief Financial Officer and oversees all of Accounting, …

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President, Cardlock Division

Derek Bettencourt joined SC Fuels in 2000 along with the acquisition …

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President, Commercial

On October 1, 2018, Angus joined the SC Fuels team as part of the …

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President, SC Commercial

In October 2018, Toby joined the SC Fuels team…

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President, Unbranded Wholesale

Sherry joined SC Fuels in 1997 as part of the acquisition of PS Trading. Over…

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