Welcome to the SC Fuels Product Document Repository holding Safety (SDS) and Product (PDS) Data Sheets on a wide range of products.

This database includes Safety Data Sheets for active lubricants and fuels marketed by SC Fuels in North America. If you need an SDS for a discontinued lubricant, please send an email to your sales representative. Please supply the following information in your email: Your name or company name, email address, and name of the product sheet you are inquiring about.

Safety Data Sheets

Brand Product SDS
Phillips 66 (Conoco) Gasoline Reformulated with Ethanol SDS
Phillips 66 (Conoco) Kerosene SDS
Phillips 66 (Conoco) Phillips Aviation Antirust 20W-50 SDS
Phillips 66 (Conoco) Phillips Type M Aviation Motor Oil Multiviscosity SDS
Phillips 66 (Conoco) Unbranded Gasoline Reformulated with Ethanol SDS
Phillips 66 (Conoco) Unbranded Gasoline w Ethers (All Grades) SDS
Phillips 66 (Conoco) Unleaded Gasoline w Ethanol (All Grades) SDS
Phillips 66 (Conoco) XC Aviation Multiviscosity Oil (all grades) SDS

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